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On average, it costs about $3000 (with additional monthly rate) to fully stage at least a 2,200 square foot home until the property closes. 

Sign up for a Business VIP Yearly Membership and you can save at least $600 a year for only a one-time membership payment of $120.  You can also sign up for a Personal Yearly Membership and save $60 a year for only a one-time membership payment of $60. 

Business VIP Yearly Membership includes: 

$120 a year

$500 off your first full staging project

$300 off your partial staging project

10% discount online for every purchase and staging. 

10% discount for every in-store purchase and staging. 

Personal Yearly Membership includes:

$60 a year

5% discount online for every purchase. 

5% discount for every in-store purchase. 

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